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Does My Dog Need A Dog ID Tag If He Is Microchipped?

There are lots of ways we as dog owners can keep our dogs safe. From teaching our dogs important commands like sit and stay, and working on having a solid recall, to making sure they are equipped with ID tags and microchips. Making sure your dog is easily identifiable is pretty important to most pet parents, so I […]

Handcrafted Motif Printed Genuine Leather Dog Collar by Phoenix Charm Ltd.

MADE OF PREMIUM GENUINE LEATHER: This handcrafted dog collar is Comfortable, sophisticated, durable and made of premium quality leather. STRONG AND HEAVY DUTY STAINLESS METAL: The buckles are made from strong, high-quality, stainless steel that won’t change in colour or shape. ADJUSTABLE AND SUITABLE FOR ALL DOGS: Collar Size M: From 14.5 inches to 19.5 inches […]


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DO YOU ALWAYS LEAVE YOUR DOG’S COLLAR ON? Leaving a pet’s collar on at all times can have some very dangerous consequences that could land your pet in the hospital or worse! At a minimum, leaving your pet’s collar on 24-7 can cause damage to the coat and skin of the neck. It can cause […]