Does My Dog Need A Dog ID Tag If He Is Microchipped?

There are lots of ways we as dog owners can keep our dogs safe. From teaching our dogs important commands like sit and stay, and working on having a solid recall, to making sure they are equipped with ID tags and microchips.

Making sure your dog is easily identifiable is pretty important to most pet parents, so I would highly recommend that your dog not only be microchipped but also wear his collar and ID tag regularly, especially when you take your dog for walks, take him on vacation, or take him on camping trips.

Keep in mind that your dog’s ID tag is more than just a cute, shiny pendant to hang on his collar. Your dog’s ID tag is just that – his ID.

Unlike humans, dogs don’t carry around wallets or purses with their identification. If they are ever to escape their leash or harness, get out of the backyard, or even be stolen, an ID tag is one of the easiest, if not the easiest, ways for your dog to be reunited with you.

With that being said, your dog’s ID tag should have more than just a cute or funny saying on it.

Along with his name, I suggest having your current address and phone number listed. And if your dog is microchipped, it’s never a bad idea to state that as well.

It’s important to make sure your pup is always easy to identify with an ID tag that has up-to-date info with your address and phone number

I personally got a custom ID dog tag for my own pooch. Her’s is adorable and there is a photo of it down below.

Because the saying took up too much space on the tag, I opted to get her another tag to go under the cute and funny ID tag that includes my current address, as well as information stating she is chipped.

I also made sure the material of her dog tag was quality material. It makes no sense to spend money on something that is going to tarnish or break in a few weeks or not hold up during an emergency, right?

My favorite material for a dog ID tag is stainless steel. This material is strong, rust-resistant, and inexpensive.

Other options include aluminum, silver, rose gold, gold, platinum, and wood. Of course, keep in mind that silver, gold, rose gold, and platinum are going to cost you. Also, keep in mind that wood and aluminum may not last as long as you would like.


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